Resort in North Guwahati: Prospects for High-Income Real Estate Investment


The extension of Guwahati to its northern shore is on the go. North Guwahati is the next emerging business, commerce, and real estate hub of the Northeast after central Guwahati.


In this light, we've been analyzing the impact of different aspects on the region's real estate market. Here, resort in North Guwahati is today’s focus.


In today's busy world, resorts hold considerable significance. People visit resorts with their holiday plans to re-energize themselves after hectic workdays.


The Assam government has decided to bring grand transformation through two new bridges connecting the main city to its northern shore. Now, this can open a golden door for real estate professionals. Making the right investment decision at the right time by investing in luxurious resorts (which are scarce in North Guwahati in today's date) is the call of the time.


Let's see why and how.


North Guwahati: The Upcoming Real Estate Centre of the Northeast after Guwahati Metropolis


As it is already mentioned, the government of Assam has taken a remarkable initiative to extend the boundaries of the Guwahati metropolis. It is a way to control high-traffic issues in the city, which would also lead it towards more development.


North Guwahati, even after being an integral part of Guwahati, is completely separated from the soils of the capital city by the mighty Brahmaputra. Till now, the Saraighat Bridge has been the only point of roadway connectivity between the two areas. So, the Assam government decided to construct two more bridges over the river connecting the two regions at different points.


This construction of new bridges brings along the scope for better roadway infrastructure and urbanization.


This is where the game changes. Opportunities emerge in different aspects and domains of development. The higher exchange of movement promises more work opportunities, a higher scope for businesses, and a growing economy. The hospitality and tourism sector also conveys possibilities for better development in such a scenario.


And did you notice that the growth and urbanization of an area are the most visible in its real estate distribution?


As per some aspects of the real estate market, luxurious commercial centres are being constructed in North Guwahati. Lavish residential apartment complexes are growing in number. The place has become an important industrial hub of the state.


And more of these are still coming. We can expect the number of resorts near the Brahmaputra River to grow.


The main city has very few plots left for new construction. Plus, competition is really high there. So, the main focus of real estate builders, investors, and mediators is shifting to this upcoming northern commercial hub. High scope and the right time blend into a huge profit when it comes to North Guwahati's real estate sector.


Resort in North Guwahati and a Future Prospect


So, all the sectors of real estate are rapidly growing in North Guwahati. With such growth and connectivity, spontaneously comes the possibility of a higher crowd. People will start coming here to find work, shelter, and a peaceful retreat from the busy and hot air of the city.


And this is where resorts come into the picture.


And, while discussing resorts, it is also significant that the Assam government grants an industrial status to the state’s tourism sector.


North Guwahati is rich in natural resources. It holds a scenic landscape with beautiful greenery, mesmerizing streams, and productive farming lands. Apart from that, it shares a handy and easily accessible location. Existing beside the mighty Brahmaputra river is an extra benefit on top of everything.


In a sentence, it is the perfect haven to build resorts. The profit is also promising since the competition is low and the scope is high in today's date. Thus, the best resort near Guwahati can be expected in North Guwahati taking into consideration all the conveniences.


Now, you know the scope and potential for investing in luxurious resorts in North Guwahati. Let's discuss the existing market then.


So, Xhyiteez is an eco-resort found in Amingaon, North Guwahati, close to Baka waterfalls, Sarubaka, near Dirgheswari mandir. The place is beautifully situated in the lap of nature. Thus, it has been working as a perfect natural retreat for the local people as well as outsiders looking for some valuable time away from their busy lives. With the completion of the bridges under construction, this place is hopefully going to see a boost in its business.


However, you can see that at present, the resort business in North Guwahati does not match the huge possibilities urbanization is carrying with it. You can't find many places like Xhyiteezaround North Guwahati.


One more thing needs to be mentioned here. People's expectations exceed with the upcoming and evergrowing possibilities. To cope with such a situation, your construction must include the same luxury as the beautiful resorts in Guwahati bring about. While everything else is developing in the region, resorts must also tell stories of equal standard, just with an extra layer of greenery and tranquility.


So, the industry awaits your response with endless possibilities. Embrace those possibilities and start your venture.




Real estate investment in the hospitality sector is comparatively unique to traditional real estate investment approaches.


However, if invested in the right place at the right time, it has the potential to outperform other ways of real estate investment. The beautiful resorts in Guwahati are concrete evidence of this fact. And, at present, North Guwahati presents that opportunity at your doorstep.


With the high stream of opportunities, investing in luxury resorts can prove to be highly profitable in this region.


So, if you are a real estate professional looking to extend your business, make your blueprint ready before your competitor grabs the opportunity firsthand.


And if you have already decided positively on investing in resorts in North Guwahati, reach out to us today to grab the best plot or the best deal available. The RateperSQFT team is eager to assist you in reaching your goal.


P.S.: Note that this is our general perspective on analyzing the real estate scenario of North Guwahati. Don't consider it as real estate advice while undertaking your real estate investment approaches. We recommend due diligence on your end as well as going for expert professional advice before taking any initiative.





Which things should be taken care of while investing in resorts in North Guwahati?


When investing in resorts, location is the first important thing to take care of. A reasonable travel time to the place is essential to establish a high-income luxury resort. Natural gift surrounding the location is another necessary factor here. If you can make the construction and facilities unique above that, you can expect a good cash flow out of your investment.


Which facilities are usually provided in resorts near the Brahmaputra River?


In the first place, resorts offer spaces for relaxing. Certain other common facilities provided in resorts include restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, wellness centres, sporting and outdoor activities, spas, gardens, lockers, rooms for stay, washrooms, etc.


Are resorts a profitable investment?


If done in the right place at the right time, resorts can turn out to be profitable real estate investments. You just need to analyze the possibilities before making your investment decision.


Are resorts safe for children?


Yes, resorts are usually safe for children. However, keeping children under the observation of responsible elders is highly recommended.


Do all resorts in North Guwahati have accommodation facilities?


No, not all resorts have accommodation facilities. Some resorts include facilities for the relaxation and enjoyment of visitors along with dining services, but don't allow accommodation.


What are some beautiful resorts in Guwahati?


Some of the most known resorts around Guwahati include the Greenwood Resort, Spring Valley Resort, Aarian Woods Resort, Dichang Resort, and Brahmaputra Jungle Resort.

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