Rental Yield and Investment Potential Around North Guwahati Colleges


An enriched educational landscape often leads to a rapidly growing real estate scenario. Wherever you see, the establishment of educational institutes of greater importance opens opportunities for real estate constructions like rentals, PGs, hostels, apartments, commercial hubs, etc.


North Guwahati colleges and other educational institutions witness this development.


However, it is just the beginning. There is still a long way to go. We believe that much more is coming following the Assam government's decision to grand transformation of the city.


So, keeping this upcoming transformation in mind, let's analyze the prospects for real estate investment around the areas predominant with educational institutions. Let's see how the bridges and the proposed growth impact North Guwahati's educational as well as real estate fields.


North Guwahati’s Educational Landscape: Will the Proposed Development Transform It?


The northern shore of Guwahati accommodates educational institutions of national importance. You can count on the IIT Guwahati and the National Law University. Both are located in Amingaon. Apart from these, the place has several colleges and junior colleges. In short, the educational scenario of the place is adequate to fulfill the needs of the locals.


However, except for higher education in specified fields like technology or law, students from North Guwahati are dependent on the main city to pursue higher education in postgraduation courses.


As for graduation courses, North Gauhati College has been the main serving organization. But, options are scarce for students. When options are considered, they again must come to the main city.


With time the scenario is gradually transforming and improving. Time, changing mindsets, and growing infrastructure are the key factors here. Several new schools and junior colleges have been budding in the locality in recent years.


Now, the question is: Will the proposed developments bring more changes to the field?


Yes, there are bright possibilities.


The government's master plan for the development of the Guwahati metropolitan area includes North Guwahati as a part of its plan. As per plans, this region is going to become the New Town I. Usually, during the process of a region's getting the township status, it goes through varied transitions in every aspect of growth. The same thing can be expected for Guwahati North.


One central reason behind such changes is growing demands with the development of urbanization. Because, urbanization also leads to the migration of people towards the town or city in search of work and livelihood. As a result, a different community is built around the town. The needs see a hike. Along with the growth of infrastructure and real estate, an ever-growing demand for everyday necessities like schools, colleges, hospitals, commercial hubs, etc. prevails.


The establishment of educational or commercial establishments again influences the real estate industry. When an area turns into an educational hub, residential and commercial real estate in the area becomes a necessity. Real estate constructions like Hostels, PGs, essential markets, hotels, restaurants, etc. grow around and across such areas.


So, North Guwahati's educational landscape bears high possibilities of transition. Along with that, it brings opportunities for real estate investment with it.


Recommended Approaches for Real Estate Investment Near Educational Institutions


Centres for learning call for professional and economic growth in a locality. The establishment of such spaces creates scopes for employment in commercial and intellectual sectors. Such developments are important to assist under-developed and developing regions.


Newly designed and developed cities or towns usually become the most demanding areas for such purposes. Guwahati North is the best example of this fact in present circumstances.


Given this, such commercial real estate developments involve multiple categories.


Primarily, two types of CRE investments are predominant in such areas. Physical structures for educational institutions like schools, colleges, etc. are the primary investment prospects. Along with that, comes the need for restaurants, stationary shops, everyday supplies, etc. So, such commercial investments fall in the second category.


Now, be it Gauhati colleges or colleges in any other areas, renting or leasing properties or investing in pre-leased commercial properties for this purpose involve some recommended approaches. Just make sure that you take care of the following aspects:




It is rightly said that location is the key when it comes to real estate investment. To generate the best profits, it is important to find a location with good connectivity.


Always choose a location near a residential area. Safety and security, as well as the educational approaches and demands of the area, are also crucial and accountable factors. For instance, North Guwahati comprises all these factors when it comes to location.


Requirement Analysis:


Different types and categories of educational centres require different levels of facilities.


So, prior to your investment analyze the particular requirements based on your investment property type. Following that, consider adding spacious classrooms, recreational spaces, play areas, safety measures, etc. as per requirements. This will eventually help you to grab the best out of your investment.


Regulatory Laws:


While investing in a place, awareness and implementation of the local regulatory laws is crucial. So, before investing in North Guwahati colleges, you need to know what real estate regulatory compliances are working in the region’s legal system.


This ensures the legitimacy and credibility of your investment. This is essential to avoid any potential issues in the future.


So, these are some of the most important things to be careful about. However, certain other factors also keep the list going. Factors like analyzing the market conditions, forming awareness regarding the dominant real estate trends, etc. can be counted here.


What Are the Real Estate Investment Prospects around Guwahati North?


With an estimated population of 14,600 in the current year (2024), northern Guwahati town has a good number of potential seekers of higher education.


The rental investment market promises a high ROI near education centres for higher education. Thus, areas around North Guwahati Colleges can convey good potential. As the opportunities are growing, real estate investors can profit by leasing commercial spaces for educational centres. Investing in pre-leased commercial properties can also bring a good profit with a 7% to 11% rental yield.


Now, while renting, leasing, or investing in pre-leased CRE properties, going for a known and established institution is a smart move.


Apart from CRE, it is a golden opportunity to attract decent cash flow by renting your residential property too. As mentioned earlier, the increase in colleges and other educational centres in Guwahati North will create work opportunities. As a result, the population of the area will see a hike. At the same time, will increase the demand for residential spaces, be it for families or students.


So, you can now rent your residential property to students or families to earn a steady monthly income. With the growth of North Guwahati on the ladder of urbanization, the value of your property will grow too. And, appreciation of value will result in greater cash flow from your investment.




Colleges, schools, and other educational institutions are commonly known for their contributions to an area's social and intellectual development. However, this is not the complete story.


You can see that North Guwahati colleges also contribute to the process of economic development and urbanization of the area. This can be another way to impact the society positively.


If you are a real estate professional, grabbing this golden chance with due diligence is the best option left for you. To choose the best locality, land, or the right property, RateperSQFT is there for you. Book an online site visit with us now.




Q. Which is the best North Guwahati College?


The North Gauhati College is the most-known college of conventional academic education in the northern part of Guwahati. Apart from that, the region is known for several other educational institutions. Among them, the primary ones are IIT Guwahati and the National Law University.


Q. Is northern Guwahati the right place for investing in upcoming Gauhati colleges and other educational centres?


Considering the Assam government's plan for making Guwahati a smart city, North Guwahati has considerable possibilities to emerge as an urban centre, as well as an educational and commercial hub. So, in the current time, it can be a great place for investing in upcoming educational centres.

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