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3 months ago

A Detailed Guide to Find Rent House in Guwahati


Every day, Guwahati, a tier II city in India, sees a rise in people seeking places to live and thrive. Due to the increasing population, finding the right rent house in Guwahati often involves challenges.


However, to your relief, with the growing population, the construction of new properties is also growing. The government's plan to extend the city to North Guwahati brings further advantages for people searching for a city life.


If you are also included in this group of home seekers in Guwahati, we have brought this comprehensive guide to boost your journey. All your questions including where, how, and at what price will be discussed here. So, read on.


The Rental Housing Market in Guwahati


As Guwahati is the gateway to the entire Northeast India, the surge of people here is higher than any other city in the Northeast. With that, the demand for independent houses for rent in Guwahati along with rooms, apartments, and flats is also growing. So, the housing community in the city, which was not very much friendly for rentals, is showing a growing interest in the rental sector.


Many factors work behind this growing landscape. Let's have a brief analysis of them.


Growing Infrastructure:


The process of Guwahati's growth has been constant for centuries. As it comes to modern Guwahati, it has seen constant growth over the years since the British rule. Especially, since the last quarter of the 20th century, the city has gone through massive growth.


And the growth started with growing infrastructure. The roadway infrastructure of the city along with a high rise in real estate establishments has sparked the growth of the rental housing market. From the beginning of the 21st century, a great number of residential buildings have been developed in the city. Today, several real estate construction groups and developers are contributing to Guwahati's housing market by providing properties for sale and room rent in Guwahati.


Development of Commerce & Urbanization:


Following the development in the field of infrastructure, urbanization entered the city. When urbanization developed, it developed and transformed the entire city with it.


During the last decade, Guwahati's urbanization and commercial growth entered a different level. And this is obvious in the city's growing population, its increasing demand for rent houses in Guwahati, and the growing number of industries and commercial buildings. Instead of 957,352 in the year 2011, Guwahati's population has grown to 1,358,000 (as estimated) in 2024. This rise tells the story of urban development in itself.


As a result of this, a constant stream of people visits the city every year in search of a better life and opportunities. Thus, the rental housing market gets a boost while trying to fulfill the growing demands.


Growth in the Education Sector:


Growth in the education sector is a significant factor boosting room rent in Guwahati.


Guwahati's education sector has gone through considerable growth in recent years. Today, the city is the primary destination for students from the entire Northeast India seeking higher education.


The establishment of IIT in North Guwahati in 1994 indicated a new dimension to Guwahati's educational sector. Following that, came well-known institutions like Assam Down Town University, Assam Don Bosco University, National Law University and Judicial Academy (Assam), Royal Global University, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, etc. The establishment of these institutions led the city's educational environment a step ahead of its existing educational landscape, which already contained esteemed institutions like Gauhati University, Cotton College (which later attained university status), Assam Engineering College, etc.


Now, as a result of the arrival of a great number of students in the city from the nearby states, there is an obvious hike in the search for flats for rent in Guwahati. And whenever there is a need, the real estate industry is trying to fulfill this need adequately.


The Finest Neighbourhoods to Find Rental Homes in Guwahati


Nearly all areas of the entire Guwahati city are now highly populated.


However, when it comes to key areas inside the metropolis, areas like Ganeshguri, Dispur, Zoo Road, Down Town, Chandmari, Uzan Bazar, Beltola, Panbazar, Six Mile, Ulubari, etc. can be considered prime locations for living and thriving. These localities construct the primary commercial areas of the city. Thus, these areas are convenient for finding room rent in Guwahati considering connectivity and work opportunities.


And, if you are looking for the largest commercial hub in the city, then GS Road is the answer. Here, due to the convenience and demand this area contains, the prices and rentals of properties are comparatively higher. But, it does not mean that you will not get similar prices in other areas. Areas like Chandmari, Zoo Road, Six Mile, and Beltola also involve a high cost of living.


Now, the finest localities for your rental home depend upon your requirements.


Suppose, you are looking to fully enjoy city life with all the amenities it provides. It includes the best transportation facilities, nearby healthcare facilities, as well as nearby schools, colleges, banks, restaurants, and other necessary facilities. In such a case, to find a rent house in Guwahati, the prime locations mentioned above will work perfectly.


If enjoying city life on a limited budget is what you want, you can go for areas with comparatively lower rental prices. In this scenario, you can go for localities like Jalukbari, Maligaon, Boragaon, Basistha, Bamunimaidam, Pathar Query, Gorchuk, etc. The prices for the to let in Guwahati are slightly lower in these areas. However, don't expect a drastic difference in the pricing though.


So, the essence of these examples is that, your fine neighbourhood may be different from the other person. Choose your locality based on your preferences and needs. If you are a working professional, choose your room in a nearby area that provides the best possible amenities as per your needs. Choosing an area far away from your workplace will negatively impact your work-life balance. If you are a college student, choose your rent room near your college. This will save your valuable time and energy.


Now, for your reference, check the following pricing chart. This will help you find out approximate housing price ranges for 2 BHK flats or independent houses for rent in different areas of Guwahati. And remember that these are only for your reference. While making a property-related decision, your own research and due diligence matter the most.


Locality Approximate Price Range
Beltola 13000 - 25000
Six Mile 10000 - 25000
Dispur 14000 - 30000
Chandmari 10000 - 23000
Jalukbari 7000 - 20000
Kahilipara 10,000 - 18,000


Which Factors Impact Location-wise Pricing for Rent House in Guwahati?


As the market is growing, the rent prices are also increasing in Guwahati. Many people are often heard complaining that rent prices in Guwahati are much higher than certain other tier II cities in India.


So, here we'll discuss which factors impact location-wise pricing for rent houses in Guwahati.


However, remember that location is not the only factor to consider while searching for room rent in Guwahati. Many a time, the property itself matters more than the location. A newly-construction building will involve a higher cost compared to an old building. A renovated or well-maintained property will cost more than a property in need of repair. Likewise, a furnished property will cost more than an unfurnished one.


So, consider these matters too before deciding anything while looking for a rent room.


Now, let's go ahead with the factors impacting location-wise pricing for flats for rent in Guwahati.


Connectivity and Available Amenities


When a locality promises you all the city life conveniences, you have to sacrifice a good price for living there.


In such a neighborhood, good connectivity makes your life comfortable. You can find good healthcare facilities in close proximity to your apartment. This becomes really helpful in situations of emergency. Plus, your kids can go to schools in a few minutes of distance from your home. Such locations promise easy dining facilities after a busy workday, whenever you want. The list goes on.


Employment Opportunities


Areas with high employment opportunities often involve high housing costs. Living in commercial centres and job centres promises easy, short-distance commuting along with other conveniences. Thus, such areas involve high living costs.


While looking for rent houses in Guwahati, areas like GS Road and Panbazar can be included in this category.


Safety and Security Measures


Safety matters. Being a home seeker, you would always want to live in a place with sound safety and security, which has a low crime rate.


Since such neighbourhoods allow you to sleep peacefully at night, they demand higher housing rates. So, localities with good safety and security measures often cost high rental prices. On the other hand, localities with higher crime rates might involve comparatively lower rental prices.


The Urban Aspect


While you compare two localities, remember that urban areas cost more than the outskirts or suburban areas.


Urbanity is the symbol of development, luxury, and convenience. This is the reason that most people prefer urban areas to less urban or rural areas. However, urban amenities come at a good price. Hence, homes and apartments in such areas also involve good price requirements compared to suburban areas of a city. This is why a luxury apartment in Christian Basti requires a higher rental price than a luxury flat for rent in Azara, Guwahati.




In this digital age, finding rent houses in Guwahati Is Easy. However, making informed decisions is important for you to find the right home. Searching for support and opinions is the right step. But, beyond everything else, your own research and due diligence matter the most.


Once you decide on your rental apartment, the second step is to understand the legal procedures related to the process. Third, to have a healthy life, you need to know your rights as a tenant. In such matters, expert advice is a must.


If you are one looking for an independent house for rent in Guwahati, RateperSQFT can be the one-stop platform assisting you in all the ways possible. The great amount of properties listed on our website, the expert advice and support of our professionals, as well as our legal assistance can come in handy in finding the right home you are looking for.




Q. What type of facilities are available for the residents in the rental housing market in Guwahati?


A. In the rental housing market in Guwahati, residents can find facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, community hall, children park, common park, parking area, clubhouse, library, water harvesting, security measures like CCTV surveillance, fire extinguisher, security guard, emergency exit, etc.


Q. How many rent houses in Guwahati are available under 10,000?


A. Based on your needs and locality preferences, you can find many rent houses in Guwahati under a monthly rental price of 10,000 rupees. Check here to find the right home.

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