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Growing through the growth of our employees is our success mantra. We are in search of dynamic, innovative minds capable of taking challenges towards growth. Beyond all discrimination and boundaries, we value talents capable of thinking out of the box. If you believe in the reality of dreaming and fulfilling your dreams, if you believe in working towards reaching a collective goal, and if you are enthusiastic enough to charge yourself in a team spirit, then we need to talk!

P.S.: With several open positions in different domains, RateperSQFT opens the door to end your search for jobs in Guwahati along with jobs in Assam in a wider sense. Come and choose a bright career in Assam with RateperSQFT.



Throughout your working for the collective goal, with RateperSQFT, you’ll find yourself growing individually too. Your passion for work will make you gain that momentum in your social, psychological, professional, and personal growth. Grab the chance to be a better version of yourself through holistic growth by joining a prosperous career in Assam with us.



The collective and cooperative energies of like-minded people are the backbone of RateperSQFT. Here, we cherish the view that positive coordination can multiply the pace of growth, no matter what your shared goal is. If you are full of youthful energies to make the world a better haven, and if you are in search of corporate jobs in Assam, then you’ll be delighted to be here.



Monotony at work can potentially steal the juice off your work. At RateperSQFT, we mingle professionalism with creative fun. Here, we have an energetic team, whose passion and collaboration transform the workload into a delightful task. Thus, choosing a career with us will ensure a well-balanced work-life far away from stress and boredom.



We are passionate about dynamism and innovativeness at work. Here, while providing well-valued jobs in Assam, our goal is to make the world a better sanctuary for property seekers. By joining us, you can seize that chance to change the whole game of real estate by inventing novel ways to serve people the way they need. Along with that, throughout your career attending to our clients’ needs, your personal knowledge requirements related to real estate and investment will also be fulfilled.