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Please have a look at our frequently asked real estate questions and answers. Picked from our customer queries, and chosen based on certain common assumptions, here’s our sincere attempt to come up with the most basic, and yet the biggest questions in real estate. We are hopeful that these will answer the most awaited real estate FAQs continuously tickling your mind.

General Queries

What is the journey of a land purchaser?

How do I make an offer on a property, and what is the typical negotiation process?

What is a for sale by owner property, and how does it differ from a listed property?

Who is an NRI?

Is an NRI free to obtain all types of properties in India?

What are the required documents to buy a property in India?

Residential Real Estate FAQs

What are some important factors to consider when choosing a neighborhood?

How can I sell my current home and buy a new one simultaneously?

What is the full form of BHK?

What does Carpet Area mean?

What is a Super Built-up Area?

What is a Built-up Area?

Commercial Real Estate Questions

What types of properties does Commercial Real Estate include?

What does BTS mean?

Industrial Real Estate FAQs

What does PEB mean?

Land-Related Queries

How many lechas make a katha?

Construction-Related Queries

What do AAC Blocks stand for?

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