Advantages of Living in North Guwahati: The Gateway to a Peaceful, Urban Lifestyle


On today’s date, if you find Guwahati too crowded or noisy but still want to lead a convenient city life, you will find your answer in North Guwahati. With all the existing urban amenities and all the upcoming smart city features, the advantages of Living in North Guwahati are surprising.


Here, we’ll see what surprises the region’s residential property market has kept for aspiring homeseekers.


North Guwahati: An Introduction



While discussing the topmost residential areas in Guwahati today, considerations about living on its northern shore come up spontaneously and quite relevantly. The region’s urban development and its progress in the real estate sector justify that.


But, what are the factors that have led this northern part of Assam’s capital city that far? Let’s see it in detail.


Recent Developments and Life in North Guwahati:


Assam government’s planned urban expansion of Guwahati encompasses North Guwahati along with western and eastern regions of the city. Northern Guwahati has been going through a development process for years.


To tackle high traffic and high population issues in the city, the government has undertaken roadway infrastructure development projects in Uttar Guwahati. Growing urbanization is transforming the area according to the government’s blueprint to expand the city.


Connecting this northern shore of the city to the central city area by constructing bridges over the mighty Brahmaputra has been the main factor transforming the region. Apart from that, the ample availability of land in North Guwahati in recent times has led to increasing establishments of varied structures indicating urban expansion.


Without roadway connectivity, northern Guwahati could not have secured today’s position as the second most important industrial, commercial, and real estate hub in the Northeast after Guwahati.


As a result of such undertakings, in recent years, the region has seen progress in every aspect that can lead it to become the perfect counterpart of the Guwahati metropolis.


The Location & Connectivity:



Being situated alongside Guwahati, North Guwahati is an integral part of Guwahati, although separated from mainland Guwahati by the Brahmaputra River. However, such a privileged location beside Assam’s capital city as well as the gateway to Northeast India has impacted the ecosystem in North Guwahati remarkably to gain the position it is holding today.


This region is tourist-friendly and is rich in historical and religious places of interest. As construction of the Saraighat Bridge was completed in the year 1962 connecting Jalukbari and Amingaon, a new state of connectivity was built. Now, as soon as roadway transports replaced the slow and inconvenient water connectivity systems, the exchange of culture and easy access to city life conveniences started influencing North Guwahati towards progress and transformation.


With that, the completely rural area slowly and gradually turned into an urban area. The roadway infrastructure went better and important places for a convenient living experience started rising in North Guwahati. The real estate marketplace of the area also saw gradual improvement.


Apart from that, all the necessary facilities and centres providing these facilities saw a rapid rise in the region. Such facilities include healthcare centres like AIIMS, educational centres like IIT Guwahati, etc.


Growing Infrastructure & Real Estate:


As already mentioned, the roadway connectivity built through the Saraighat Bridge led to the exchange of ideas, and thereby, developmental aspects. Progress in infrastructural aspects has been going on for years. However, the recent plan of the government to expand the main city towards North Guwahati has had the most remarkable influence on the area’s roadway infrastructure and real estate.


With the improvement of roadway infrastructure systems and important centres for day-to-day requirements, the area gets an urban appearance. As the surge of people visiting the area increases, real estate developers and investors have seen great potential for real estate development here.


As a result, in present times, North Guwahati boasts lavish residential apartments like Arya Smart Living, luxury commercial complexes like Trinity Business Park, and several remarkable industrial parks as well as warehouses.



Advantages of Living in North Guwahati


Now that you have seen northern Guwahati’s gradual yet rapid progress. The government has created a master plan to make it capable of providing its residents with an experience of perfect city life. The plan is to attract the surplus population towards this region with its combination of tranquility and urbanity.


So, it is the near future that all the comfort and convenience you find today in Guwahati will be available in North Guwahati too with its added uniqueness.


Said that, what are the advantages of living in North Guwahati? Let’s analyze in detail.


Geographic Location


North Guwahati is a blissful heaven on the lap of nature. Its natural beauty has been attracting tourists for years. So, if you are a nature lover, residing there can prove to be a primary privilege for you. The serene Brahmaputra, the surrounding greenery, the beautiful hills and streams, the cool unpolluted air — everything is waiting here to greet you every morning.


The Gift of Urbanization


Natural privileges and all the conveniences brought by urbanization — Uttar Guwahati is a unique residential heaven. Improved roadway infrastructure, systematic sewage and drainage systems, public gardens, residential areas with city-like amenities, and easy connectivity to necessary places of day-to-day necessity indicate all the advantages of urbanization you can enjoy while living in North Guwahati.


Growing Opportunities


The development of urbanization, infrastructure, and real estate on the northern shore of the Brahmaputra has spontaneously attracted a larger stream of people towards the region. As a result of such development, all kinds of opportunities are also growing here every day.


As Guwahati is growing to be a smart city, North Guwahati has also seen the effects of this mission. Urbanization and the growing commercial, industrial, and tourism markets will start creating job opportunities in the region on a larger scale. Apart from that, good healthcare facilities and educational opportunities are already available for its residents.


Good Connectivity


By this time, you already know that this northern part of the city is designed to provide you with easy access to everything you need to live a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Be it transportation within the locality and connecting to the central city, excellent healthcare facilities, good educational opportunities, or everyday necessities like markets and shopping malls, Uttar Guwahati has everything in its reservoir.


Proximity to Sacred Temples



If you are a religious person, this locality has an extra advantage for you. The place is known for its ancient temples, which bear historical and cultural significance. Scattered here and there, you will find the revered ancient temples including the Dirgheswari Temple, the Ashwaklanta Temple, the Doul Govinda Temple, and ISKCON Temple to mention a few.


Every year, it hosts a constant stream of visitors and devotees to these temples. The sound of sacred bells in the temples and the fragrance of incense create a sacred environment in the area. Thus, residing here will fill your mornings and evenings with the sacredness of these temples.



Now, considering all these major advantages, several existing and under-construction flats in North Guwahati welcome you to reside on its premises.




While considering the aspect of urbanization, the advantages of living in North Guwahati are identical to the advantages of living in any tier-II city. However, considering its unique aspects discussed in this blog, this region promises to fill your life with a peaceful, sacred vibe while at the same time keeping the city-life conveniences.


Now, if you are a home seeker finding your dream home, and if the idea of living away from the hustling and bustling of city life interests you, northern Guwahati is the perfect choice for you. A peaceful life in North Guwahati will still fill your days with all the comforts of an urban lifestyle.


And if you want to book the right apartment here encompassing all your requirements within your budget, we are here to help. Visit our page and give us a quick call for instant assistance and support.

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