North Guwahati: An Emerging Real Estate Marketplace


North Guwahati has grown to be an emerging marketplace for real estate properties. The process of progress took some time. Over time, the region has become a hub of old and new commercial, industrial, educational, and healthcare centers of importance. Thus, real estate and infrastructural development have become a necessity here with time.


However, a few years back, the real estate scenario in the region was completely different.


But, it was always rich and convenient. Rich in natural resources and convenient in terms of connectivity. Uttar Guwahati is adjacent to Kamrup Metropolitan City - the state capital. So, the region always conveyed the potential to match Guwahati. With that, it started attracting potential builders and real estate investors.


Here, we'll analyze North Guwahati's trajectory in attaining today's position in real estate.


The Growth Factors Stimulating the Boom in North Guwahati’s Real Estate Industry


The real estate boom often comes with a background history of urbanization. The need for real estate development arises from growing infrastructure and commerce.


The recent growth in these two fields has caused a big boom in the real estate market in the Guwahati north. Amingaon - the district headquarters, boasts well-built roadway infrastructure and real estate establishments.


But, what are the factors behind this growth?


Well, multiple factors have made the area busy with growing surges of people over time. And a growing stream of people means development in infrastructure and construction.


Let’s analyze the factors in detail.


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The Strategic Location


Northern Guwahati is captivatingly beautiful. Plus, the region shares a strategic location.


Also, the region is connected to the state capital Guwahati Metropolitan City. North Guwahati’s famous Saraighat Bridge connects the two regions. Along with that, construction is going on for the Bharalumukh-Amingaon bridge. This six-lane bridge over the river Brahmaputra connects North Guwahati and Guwahati Metropolis. On completion, this bridge will greatly cut down the travel time between the regions.


Again, northern Guwahati expands across the outskirts of the capital city. Thus, it naturally draws a high possibility for business growth and population rise.


Plus, the area falls on the way to the other Lower Assam districts from Guwahati. This again raises a possibility for commercial growth in this region.


Spreading across the mighty Brahmaputra river is another advantage for the locality.


This convenient location with great connectivity led to infrastructural development throughout Uttar Guwahati.


Following that, important centres of national importance like IIT Guwahati were established. And, the real estate value of the area started to grow gradually with such establishments.


Institutions like the National Law University and Judicial Academy, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, and AIIMS also started attracting many residents and investors to the region.


Industrial and Commercial Presence


You will find North Guwahati to be an important hub for industrial development. Along with varied industries, the area even contains industrial parks. Due to its convenient location, many godowns and warehouses have been established here. With that, it has a very crucial industrial presence in the state.


So, Industrial and infrastructural growth is also of prime importance. It has led to a boom in the commercial real estate sector in the Guwahati north.


Recent and ongoing construction of commercial complexes and homes show it clearly. Ongoing luxurious projects are adding a new angle to the real estate industry of the region. Some such projects include Arya Smart Living, Arya Arcade, and Trinity Business Park.


Cultural Resources


The vibrant culture shared by Uttar Guwahati is another factor attracting visitors.


For ages, this region has been a haven for religious devotees, visitors, and tourists. The temples, religious places, and historical sites here attract many people every year.


The North Guwahati temples primarily include Dirgheshwari Temple, Doul Govinda Temple, Janardan Temple, Mani-Karneswar Temple, Aswaklanta Temple, and Rudreswar Temple.


You can visit Auniati Satra and the ancient Kanai Barasibowa Rock Inscription. They also add to the prominence of the place.


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Growth of Economy and Urbanization


In recent years, North Guwahati has seen growth in varied domains. These include many remarkable educational institutions, healthcare centres with high-tech facilities, and tourism and hospitality sectors. All this has contributed a great deal to the overall economic growth of the region.


Economic growth and other mentioned factors lead the area towards urbanization. However, the process of urbanization still has a long way to go.


Government Projects


Important government projects also contribute notably to north Guwahati's real estate growth. One such project is the Guwahati Passenger Ropeway.


Future Real Estate Prospects and Challenges in Guwahati North


The growth trajectory of the real estate sector in North Guwahati has just started. It has a long way to go. Thus, it conveys a promising future.


At present, the revolution is in its full force. The growing urbanization demands a better real estate presence in the region. Thus, builders, home buyers, homeowners, property dealers, and real estate investors are developing interest and awareness in the Uttar Guwahati property market.


The result of this awareness is more growth. Now, you can see the existing and growing constructions in the area. Lavish commercial complexes and luxury villas are increasing in numbers around the region. Skyscrapers are about to rule the landscape.


Yes, challenges are there while achieving the goal of a highly developed region. Land acquisition or regulatory issues might delay the process. The environmental concerns are also there addressing the sustainability issues.


However, such issues can be resolved. But how? With better urban planning, smart moves, and the use of the latest technology. What about the environmental concerns then? Well, modern sustainable building or green building technology can solve this problem effectively.




North Guwahati is emerging to be a promising real estate marketplace. Its extending urbanization is the main reason behind it. The region's commercial, residential, and industrial structures are growing. So, property value and demand are also growing here.


This journey of growth contains multiple layers of progress. And the progress is still going on. The collective efforts of real estate professionals and property seekers can be a game-changer here. It is only about taking adequate measures and calculated moves. And the goal can be achieved within a reasonable time frame.


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What is North Guwahati’s PIN code?


North Guwahati’s PIN code is 781030.


Do any reputable real estate agents or agencies specialize in North Guwahati properties?


Yes, RateperSQFT — the Guwahati-based proptech company — specializes in North Guwahati.


Are there any upcoming residential or commercial developments in North Guwahati?


Yes, there are multiple upcoming residential and commercial developments in northern Guwahati. Trinity Business Park, Arya Arcade, and Arya Smart Living are three such primary developments.


What is the current trend in property prices in North Guwahati?


As the property market is growing, property prices are also growing in northern Guwahati. Since 2021, property prices have shown a 95% increase towards the last quarter of 2023 in the area.


How does the property market in Uttar Guwahati compare to other cities in the region in terms of pricing and demand?


Compared to the nearby Guwahati Metropolitan City, the property market in northern Guwahati is still in the beginning phases of growth. However, it has shown considerable growth compared to the property market in the region a few years back.


Which areas in North Guwahati are considered prime locations for property investment?


Areas including Amingaon, Sangsari, Gouripur, Madanpur, Baihata, etc. are some of the prime locations of North Guwahati for property investment.

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North Guwahati: An Emerging Real Estate Marketplace

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