Arya Smart Living: Your Destination for Smart and Green Living


Arya Smart Living is a name symbolizing North Guwahati’s exponential growth towards urbanization. This residential complex is a mixture of aesthetics, functionality, and luxury.


Do you remember the rural outskirts of Guwahati called North Guwahati?


It will not remain so now. The revolution has already started. The Assam government along with a community of engineers, architects, and designers together are determined to transform the picture of the area. Newly developed residential areas like Arya Smart Living or commercial complexes like Trinity Business Park and Arya Arcade are the representations of this transformation.


Here, we will see how Arya Smart Living works towards fulfilling your age-old dream of living a peaceful, yet luxurious and advanced lifestyle.


Arya Smart Living: An Overview


The Structure & Area


Arya Smart Living is a housing society accommodating European Row houses in Abhaypur, North Guwahati. The society is spread over a total area of 10 acres. It is built to provide the residents with a unique experience with all its urban facilities on the lap of nature. The structure of this society is designed with duplex and triplex building ranges and 65% of open area.


This breathtaking villa resident in North Guwahati is situated across the River Brahmaputra, beside the township on the river bank. If living in a tranquil surrounding while enjoying all the city life features is your wish, this residential society is the perfect place to be your home.


Here, you can book villas at reasonable but varied prices. The surrounding contains 124 units in total, which consist of 3 BHK, 4 BHK, 5 BHK, and 6 BHK villas as well as 3 and 4 BHK flats. So, whether you are looking for a flat for sale in North Guwahati or a villa for sale in North Guwahati, this residential project has an answer for everyone. The flats here are constructed with area coverage between 1877 SQFT to 5185 SQFT, whereas villas occupy areas between 2,350 SQFT to 3500 SQFT.


Here, you will see simple yet elegant interiors as well as exteriors with surrounding greenery. The properties here are ready to move. Now, you may be someone looking for flat for rent in North Guwahati. So, you can both buy or rent your dream home here. These residences are built to make all your worldly wishes come true with their mesmerizing vista.


The People Behind It


This villa resident in North Guwahati is the result of the combined efforts of three best entities: the developers Arya Erectors, the best architecture firm Satellier, and the famous structural engineering firm SEMAC.


The developer from Arya Erectors India Pvt Ltd. has diverse experience developing different types of structures in Guwahati. Some of the primary constructions he has done include Good Friend Hospital, Arya Hospital, Surakhya Trust, Arya Nursing College, and Arya School of Nursing.


Satellier is a famous architecture firm from Chicago, who has shown the magic in Arya Smart Living.


Coming to SEMAC, it is a well-known structural firm holding notable proficiency in the field of Engineering Consultancy. Till now, they have served 19 out of the 25 top developers in the country.


Also, the local architecture firm Akar Foundation, also, is no less important in making this dream project called Arya Smart Living a reality. Since their commencement, they have worked extensively on diverse Architectural Projects in Assam and the other Northeastern States. Certain primary inclusions in the list are multiplexes, apartment buildings, hotels, clubhouses, corporate interiors, and bungalows. In short, they have taken up a large number of commercial & residential projects till now.




The pricing of villa units here starts at 65 lacs rupees. You can refer to the following list for an estimation of the price ranges related to different villa types related to the villas for sale in this residential project in North Guwahati.


Villa Type Price Range
3 BHK Villas INR 64 Lacs to 96 Lacs
4 BHK Villas INR 91 Lacs to 3.50 Cr


For rent, villas are available from 16,000 to 27,000 rupees.


What Can You Expect from this Villa Resident in North Guwahati?


Finding natural abundance in highly urban residential areas is like a beautiful dream. But, Arya Smart Living turns this dream into reality. It is designed to fulfill your expectations to live a proper city life within your budget. Let’s explore what amenities this residential project has stored for the residents.


A Convenient Location:


Good connectivity makes the location of this residential project convenient enough. The society is located very close to the township area growing on the river bank. All kinds of educational institutions including schools and colleges are available in close proximity to the project. To mention some primary institutions, IIT Guwahati and Kendriya Vidyalaya are situated nearby.


Another primary facility we look for while buying a new home is healthcare centres. Arya Smart Living is quite worthwhile in this respect. Primary healthcare centres such as GNRC Hospital and AIIMS are situated close to the residential society.


Plus, transportation is also convenient from the area. Both ISBT and the railway station are 16 kms away from here. On the other hand, you can reach the airport within around 35 minutes.


All other places of importance including bank, police station, post office, ATM, etc. are available within a short distance.


If you are a religious person or a devotee, this villa resident in North Guwahati is the right place to have your home. North Guwahati, as you know, is a heaven for devotees due to the temples the place accommodates. Apart from that, you will find new and old shopping areas including shopping malls and wholesale markets like the famous Fancy Market.


Available Facilities:


Let’s take a look at the list of available facilities at Arya Smart Living:


Security and Maintenance:


  • 24×7 Manned Security
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Video Door Phone for each Villa
  • Panic Button for each Villa
  • Infrared on the Boundary Walls


Sports and Entertainment:


  • Golf Cart Service for Elderly and Women
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Salon and Spa
  • Indoor Games Room
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Landscaped Garden and Fountain
  • Banquet Hall
  • Mini Theatre
  • Cards Room
  • OAT / Festival Podium / Hangout Area


Health and Fitness:


  • 24×7 Ambulance Service
  • Joggers’ Park
  • Yoga and Meditation Hall


Other Amenities:


  • Central Wi-Fi
  • Wide Internal Roads
  • School Bus Pick and Drop Points
  • Restaurant / Coffee Shop
  • Boom Banner at the Entrance


Is Arya Smart Living Worth Going For?


After reading till this point, you must have already found the answer to this question. With this amazing mixture of aesthetics and functionality, nature and urbanization, as well as luxury and simplicity, Arya Smart Living is an obvious yes!


This residential society provides you with an ideal home where you can relax comfortably after a busy day at work. Living here, you can keep yourself away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Yet, you can stay connected to the city at your convenience. The completion of the high-tech six-lane bridge over the Brahmaputra connecting Amingaon and Panbazar will enable you to cross this distance between the city and North Guwahati within 15 minutes.


Have you noticed another thing? That this villa resident in North Guwahati not only keeps you away from the pollution of city life, it also facilitates you with all the possible amenities within its campus. So, you can avail of all those facilities without having to go out. Considering your precious time and energy to travel far away to avail of any everyday necessity, this is remarkable.




A dreamy environment on the lap of nature, all kinds of indoor and outdoor facilities, aesthetical interior and exterior design, and a beautiful home within a reasonable budget — what else do you need to call a structure your home?


Now you know that the home you were on the lookout for exists right beside the city.


So, waste no more time and give us a call now. Contact us here to get hold of your dream home before it is too late.

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