Advantages of Setting Up Business in North Guwahati


If you are planning to expand your business somewhere in Northeast India, North Guwahati holds the topmost potential after the Guwahati metropolis.


But, what are the advantages of setting up a business in North Guwahati?


This is what we are going to discuss here.


With its rapid and ongoing commercial, economic, infrastructural, and real estate growth, the region has turned out to be a competitive business hub. Since it is still under development, expanding your newly established or already existing business can be both profitable and affordable.


Let’s analyze the scenario in detail.


North Guwahati: The Developing Future of Northeast India



Guwahati is the doorway to the Northeastern states. This makes the metropolis the main centre of communication between Northeast India and the other parts of India. Thus, Guwahati has attained the state of being the largest city in this region of greater India. With constant development, it has turned out to be a tier-II city in today’s date.


The Assam government’s plan to make Guwahati a smart city is in progress. Considering the growing population in the city and its high traffic issues, the government recently decided to expand the city towards its northern edge by connecting the areas with a new six-lane bridge over the River Brahmaputra.


Since Guwahati and North Guwahati have been separated by the Brahmaputra, the bridges over the river have worked as the main growth factor of the suburban northern Guwahati area. We don’t have to look back very far. Even two decades ago, the area was primarily rural. It was only after the construction of the Saraighat Bridge connecting Jalukbari and Amingaon, that North Guwahati started seeing the light of development.


Following that, IIT Guwahati was established in Amingaon in 1994. Other centres of importance like the National Law University and Judicial Academy, Narayana Hospital, and AIIMS succeeded.


Along with these improvements, developed the roadway infrastructure of the area. And the main roadside areas started seeing developments of real estate structures. A remarkable area where North Guwahati saw rapid development is the industrial real estate sector. Within a short span of time, it became a prime industrial hub in the Northeast next to Guwahati metropolis. You can find several industrial parks there spread in areas like Amingaon, Gauripur, etc.


You can find several commercial complexes and malls like Arya Arcade, and business areas like the Trinity Business Park growing in the area, where there was no sign of urbanization a few decades ago. Villa projects like Arya Smart Living announce the development of North Guwahati’s residential real estate marketplace.


So, what is meant by such exponential growth in the area’s real estate and infrastructure sectors? It means a standardized growing population with the main preference for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle surrounded by good connectivity to all the necessities of city life.


There are more interesting facts yet. The famous Fancy Bazar wholesale market of Guwahati is likely to be shifted to North Guwahati. Wait, the political sector is still left. The Gauhati High Court is also going to be shifted to the northern shore of Guwahati.


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Thus, with urbanization and infrastructural development, government has made complete arrangement to make North Guwahati the second-most commercial, political, and business centre of the state. With that, the demands are growing in the locality. A golden chance to establish and expand your business in North Guwahati.


What Are the Advantages of Setting Up Business in North Guwahati?


Considering the speedy growth of northern Guwahati in every possible aspect, numerous advantages are waiting for business holders around the area. We’ll look over the matter in detail.


Potential Business Advantages in North Guwahati


  • Ample Scope:


At present, the northern Guwahati is in the initial stages of development towards being the northern counterpart of the Guwahati Metropolis. That means, today, there is ample scope for the establishment and growth of new and existing businesses.


If you are looking to expand your business to a high-potential urban locality, North Guwahati is the answer. Since competition is considerably low and potential is having speedy growth around the locality, it can be the right place to find your business a good foundation.


  • Cost Effectiveness:


Compared to Guwahati, its northern shore is less expensive on today’s date. Hence, here you can find an ease of starting or doing your business. While everyday living costs are lower here than in a developed city, you can also find a cost-effective office space in a convenient area rather than paying sky-high rates in a highly developed city.


Thus, setting up a business in North Guwahati will definitely make your business-related expenses such as daily office expenses, utilities, maintenance costs, etc. remarkably low. So, with its affordability factor, this area can be the right fit for a new business.


  • Liberty to Choose Your Locality:


Unlike Guwahati, its northern shore has ample availability of space at present. In a city, you have to look for multiple things like availability of space at your preferred or affordable locations, availability of location based on your convenience, etc. As North Guwahati is at the starting phase of development now, you can go ahead by choosing the locality you want.


  • Access to a Standard City Life:


Northern Guwahati is emerging to be the right counterpart of the Guwahati Metropolis. It has already gone a long way towards urbanity. So, here, you can have access to a comfortable and standard city life.


  • Reasonable Payroll:


In a tier-I or tier-II city, you will potentially spend a substantial amount of money to maintain your staff and resources. It is not the same story in a developing urban locality like North Guwahati.


So, now you know that northern Guwahati is a gold mine, where you can expand your business and thrive.


What Are the Profitable Businesses in North Guwahati?


Based on the possibilities contained by the locality, we have listed certain businesses, which can potentially thrive in North Guwahati. Let’s go through them.


  • Real Estate:



Considering the developing urbanization around the area, northern Guwahati bears high possibilities of upcoming construction works related to all three types of real estate properties including residential apartments, commercial complexes, and industrial spaces. So, there is a high possibility that the real estate business will flourish in North Guwahati.


  • Hospitality:



The northern edge of Guwahati has been a remarkable tourist destination for its ancient temples, historical significance, and natural beauty. The place has been experiencing a constant surge of devotees and tourists for a long time. Considering that, the hospitality business can have remarkable potential in the area.


You can see that despite the constant stream of tourists, this part of Guwahati has very few guest houses. So, setting up a business like a guest house or lodge and maintaining this business can earn you a substantial profit in North Guwahati.


  • Tourism:



As you already know, the tourism sector conveys ample possibilities around this region. So, if you are a local, or if you know the area well, then you can start your business by setting up a tourism agency. You can build a well-trained team to guide the tourists and assist them with all other conveniences.




Choosing the right place at the right time can lead your business to an unprecedented height. Said that, North Guwahati is the right place and now is the right time to attain your business goal within a reasonable time. Hopefully, this comprehensive guide will assist you throughout your journey.


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