Point of View of a Buyer: Journey of Purchasing Land.

Imagine, yourself as a lessee and investing all your accumulated capital in your landlord’s chest instead of investing in land of your own. I know that’s an imperiling situation one would least like to face.

And thereby, this situation might push you to suggest to own yourself a home, isn’t it? The possibility of wanting to buy a property arises. Even when we know that purchasing land is easier said than done, as of the considerable involvement of finance as well as manual handling.

But if you are planning to buy land, what are the steps that you would take to buy a home as a buyer?

Modern buyers of this computer-generated world are smarter than ever before because of the information that they have accessed. As a result, the conversation of sale-reps that occur gets heavier towards the buyer. For this, conventional ways of sales strategies have become less efficacious compared to the past.

In this contemporary world, to be able to reach the highest position in sales, the adaptation of helping the buyer instead of selling is necessary. That is why it is important to know the mind of the buyer and their perspective on purchasing before you start the sale process.


What is the journey of the land purchaser?

The interest in buying land of a purchaser doesn't form on a whim. Every individual goes through a process of land buying before they decide to buy one. They pass through becoming aware, secondly taking things into consideration and evaluating and in the end deciding which land to buy. And this process is known as the journey of a land purchaser.

Simply put, it is a calculative process that a buyer takes to reach their desired destination or services. 

Mapping out all the circumstances of buying a property identifies all the necessities and problems that enable one to buy a solution, which would represent the journey of a buyer. The system of mapping the journey of a buyer allows you to give a detailed view of the buyer's journey.                                                              

The three stages of the buyer's journey of a land.      

As mentioned above the journey of land is a process, this process is divided into three stages: 

  1. Stage of Awareness.
  2. Stage of Consideration.
  3. Stage of Decision.

Each of the stages of the buyer’s journey is uniquely challenging in itself for the buyers, the ability to sway their buying resolution. Let's check upon the point of view of a buyer through this stages

1. Stage of Awareness.

The first stage a buyer encounters in the process of the buying journey is the stage of awareness. At this stage, the buyer is aware that he or she might be facing some problems. 

Here they are aware that they need to solve certain problems and the buyer will try to resolve the problem. They search for certain information that would help them clear certain there doubts. 

The stage of awareness shows the buyer is sure enough of the problem and the solution is indirectly severed on their platter. All they have to do is search for the solution on their given platter. 

The buyer might manually ask questions regarding his problem to his peers or neighbours. 

For instance, a buyer is aware that he or she wants land for buying purposes but they can’t tell where to purchase, here the problem is shown that they got no clue but at the same time, they would want to know the solution. So the very next step that they would do, is to search for a property or real estate company. They will take help from browsers or google online about their doubts.

Even if they are aware of the pain point, they remain unclear about their solution.

2. Stage of Consideration.

After being aware of the problem, the next stage that a land purchaser proceeds to is the stage of consideration. Till now the buyer has completely understood the problem and has already named their problem. 

Here, a buyer wants the land to buy, but he or she has no idea of how to buy land. Now they are totally dedicated to finding out the solutions to their problem with all the approaches they come across while researching.

At this stage, the buyer is exposed to varieties of solution options. They will consider each and every options they get and compare them or apprehend their advantages and disadvantages.

For example, Now the buyer is with different types of approaches and methods. He or she might be with the options of companies that provide the service dealing with property. Considering this, he or she would try to compare and then pick up the best company that fulfils one wants.

3. Stage of Decision.

This is the last stage that a purchasers journey goes through when purchasing land. After all of the stages of being aware of the problems and being considerate, a buyer finally settles to a point of taking a decision. 

Here, the buyer regulates all the options and makes a decision to purchase the land.  The purchaser would gather up all the products and services available at the right price.

At this stage, the sales reps have most of the interactions with the purchaser. It is not likely to be bought even if a purchaser decides they might still have to look into a few factors like maintenance costs, documentation, customer support options, etc.

For instance, after a buyer pinpoints their problem and calculates his or her problem, and decides what to choose and what not to. Among all the other companies compiled the buyer would choose RateperSQFT.com because they provide the best service for renting, leasing, buying, and selling. This might offer the buyer multiple choices where he or she can compare and contrast and decide the best one. 

These are the three stages that a buyer goes through before purchasing land. 

Why is a purchaser’s journey important?

Now that you are familiar with the stages of the buyers journey, you might be wondering why the buyer's journey is important.

In this digitalised world, most of the buying process happens without any personal interaction. It is important to understand the journey of a buyer because it helps to carry out the needs of the customer. If your company is well acquainted with the desires of the buyer, it becomes easy for your company to grow in its business. 

It is necessary for the company to gain the trust of the buyer which influences the buyer's decision of purchasing land. According to the buyer's journey, the highest chance of converting the decision to buy land and to execute the decision takes place when nurturing the lead of the decision. 

It also depends on the content you put in your company has equal responsibility as the buyer's opinion in making a proper end in the decision of buying land. As a result, it is necessary to comprehend a buyer's specific point of view towards land buying so that, when the time as comes to personally interact to seal the deal it becomes easier to clinch a deal. If you fail to understand the buyer's perspective, there might be a chance of losing the buyer's deal without even knowing what your buyer is actually capable of. 

In order to understand the buyer in their journey of purchasing land, it is necessary to understand the question your buyer comes with in each of the stages. Strategically put content can gear up the buys journey to move towards a smooth stage of decision-making and is likely to be successfully ending the journey with you.

Meet your buyer at every stage of the journey.

It is crucial to understand and meet a buyer at every stage. The innovative content ideas will guide the buyer from the beginning of the stage of awareness till the end of the final decision.  

The content of “TOFU” in awareness. 

The initial stage of a buyer’s journey proceeds with questioning their problem to narrow down their solution. TOFU is the top-of-the-funnel stage of a buyer's journey, where the awareness of the buyer takes place. 

You must know that the content you create for the buyer has a lot to do with the stage of awareness as here the buyer scourges for their solution to their problem.

Some of the most effective ways to form content in TOFU for your buyers are blogs, articles, infographics, social media posts, Educational Webminar, checklists, Ebook and etc.

The content of “MOFU” in the Consideration Stage.

Consideration is the second stage of journeys after TOFU, here the buyer has a complete understanding of their problem and challenges, at the same time finds a better solution to their problem to solve it.

The consideration stage of the journey includes MOFU which is the middle of the funnel of the buyer's journey. The content of MOFU helps to evaluate and review all the solutions available on their hand.

Some of the important content examples of MOFU are case studies that are well-known and fully researched case studies, webinars, trying to compare the available solutions, product feature videos and etc. 

The content of “BOFU” is in the Decision Stage.

The decision stage is the concluding phase that a buyer approaches at last. After sifting through the content of TOFU and MOFU, the buyer is now fully prepared to execute their plan based on their valuable content. 

The decision stages include the content of BOFU, the bottom of the funnel, which makes the buyer trust you as a saviour who would become a helping hand to successfully execute the given solution. 

Some of the content ideas for BOFU that would be helpful for your buyers are testimonials of your other buyers, live demonstrations or consultations offers, promotions of the products, trials for free products, adding “About” or “Our Story” of the pages of the website or the social media content, providing coupons and etc.

In conclusion, understanding a buyer's stages of the journey of their land purchase is crucial to guiding them towards a successful decision-making phase. By incorporating targeted content, you can help facilitate a smooth buying process and increase the chances of closing the deal with the buyer.

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