Crafting Dreams, Elevating Skills: Top 10 Best Rated Arts Colleges in Guwahati


Education is the sword that makes any individual capable of achieving great success. Through this mode of education, students can change their life status and become more confident, productive, and much more content with their lives doing what they aspire to become in the course of their lives. Arts or humanities is one such distinctive and diverse realm that offers multitudes of possibilities to pursue anything we want. From pursuing academia to civil services, the Arts is one such arena that offers diverse opportunities to pursue and develop new ideas and skills. If you’re on the hunt for some of the best Arts colleges in Guwahati, this list might be of help to you.


List of top 10 best art colleges in Guwahati


1. Gauhati University


Being the most renowned university and government college in Guwahati and in the state of Assam, Gauhati University has been a part and parcel of excellence and success towards contributing massive amounts of literacy rate in Assam. With some of the best courses, most of the successful graduates from Gauhati University are shining in their respective fields today. Gauhati University offers some of the best courses in Art and science, with a great placement that ensures quality skill training and assured jobs at the completion of their courses. Gauhati University thus is one of the best arts colleges in Guwahati which you should consider for quality education.


2. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati


One of the most renowned and top institutions in the country, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati offers great courses in arts along with science and other specialties for students both at undergraduate and graduate levels. With great opportunities and exposure, students here learn from the topmost qualified professionals from around the world, with assured exposure to some of the topmost prestigious industries and companies which help the students achieve a much higher sense of the real world. This is why, IITG ranks as one of the topmost arts colleges in Guwahati.


3. Cotton University


One of the oldest, most prestigious, and highly respected educational institutions of the State, Cotton University is one of the top preferences of students who are interested in enrolling in an Arts college in Guwahati. With highly qualified professors and diverse opportunities presented to students in the form of placement programs, student exchange programs, and other interactive activities, Cotton University is one of the best arts colleges in Guwahati.


4. Assam Down Town University


It’s not a wonder that Assam Down Town University is widely renowned for its numerous creative and academic programs that offer a diverse range of possibilities to students. With great courses ranging from engineering to Arts, Assam Down Town University offers quality education and extreme care for their students and helps shape them for a better future. With great courses in Arts and other fields, Assam Down University is one of the best arts colleges in Guwahati.


5. B. Barooah College


One of the oldest and most widely renowned educational institutions of Assam, B. Barooah College is known for its high-quality education programs and professional experts who provide excellent training and knowledge to their students to achieve great results in their respective careers. Their specialized courses in Arts deal with professionals who provide them with the best possible environment to nurture their skills and talents. This is why, B. Barooah College is one of the best Arts colleges in Guwahati.


6. Royal Global University


One of the most popular educational institutions, private colleges of Guwahati and of Assam, Royal Global University is widely known for its top-class architecture, facilities, and great educational programs that have been established to enhance varied life skills and knowledge which is very unique and is only offered by this University. With such great meticulous emphasis on the overall care and education of the students, this University provides great value and benefits for the students. This is why, Royal Global University ranks as one of the top Arts colleges in Guwahati.


7. Tata Institute of Social Sciences


Tata, a brand in the name itself, is the epitome of excellence and top-notch education. With great courses in Arts, Tata Institute of Social Sciences offers the best quality education for anyone interested in Social Sciences. With the high-quality education available by the experts, Tata Institute of Social Sciences is thus one of the best arts colleges in Guwahati.


8. Handique Girls’ College


Handique Girls’ College is one of the oldest and renowned educational institutions and government colleges of the state, which was established in the year 1939 and is still regarded as another one of the best Arts colleges in Guwahati and the state because it has been producing incredible results every year during the past 85 years. With some of the best courses available, Handique Girls’ College offers supreme-quality education and great assistance as per individual student needs and requirements.


9. R. G. Baruah College


A one-of-a-kind and unique educational institution that offers diverse courses in the fields of Arts, Sciences, and other fields such as Commerce and Accounting. R. G. Baruah College is one of the best arts colleges in Guwahati along with being one of the well-known BA Colleges in Guwahati with highly qualified professionals who impart knowledge and ensure proper assistance for a guaranteed job right after completing their degree program courses. This college has been seen as one of Guwahati's best educational institutions that you must consider for quality education.


10. Pragjyotish College


Another one of the topmost Arts colleges in Guwahati, Pragjyotish College truly is a great professional government college in Guwahati that ensures quality education and proper training of skills and talents that are very much in high demand in today’s job market. With proper assistance and great exposure to some of the most prestigious companies and industries, students here are presented with the opportunity to experience great academic excellence.




In the ever-growing city of Guwahati, education is peaking at the top with some of the most highly regarded colleges that stand as a pillar of creativity and innovation. With some of the best colleges at the heart of Guwahati, the city offers diverse programs that ensure proper nurturing environments and blend of tradition and modernity at the same time. Along with that, these colleges pave the path for the students as a gateway towards academic excellence. With some of the best Arts colleges, students can now decide where to go with the best opportunities available right at the palm of their hands.

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